Ep 102: Coaching Parents Through Some Tough Lessons – With Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D.

Ep 102: Coaching Parents Through Some Tough Lessons – With Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D.

Helping clients address multiple objectives can be fraught with any number of misconceptions, ingrained assumptions, and fears. Laura Gregg and David Partain talked with Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D., founder of The Thrive Financial Empowerment Center, to talk about balancing the desire to finance children’s higher education with the need to work toward a secure retirement. Leaning into core tenets of behavioral investing, Sarah helps to clarify some of the psychological hurdles parents face in this situation and shares practical strategies to help advisors add value to the decision-making process.

Listen in as Dr. Newcomb discusses:

● Common preconceptions that may not serve the client or the children.

● Key points that can shift the narrative in the advisor/client dialogue

● The importance of including the child in the college finance discussion

● The opportunity for parents to model financial problem-solving

● How behavioral investing concepts are becoming core competencies in the advisory industry

● And more


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About Our Guest:

Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D. is a behavioral economist and Founder of the Thrive Financial Empowerment Center. Through writing, speaking, and coaching, she teaches people of all stripes to build lives they love with the resources they have. As a subject matter expert, Dr. Newcomb has worked with corporate behavioral science teams at HelloWallet, Morningstar, and Edward Jones, where she helps financial advisors understand and respond to aspects of psychology that affect financial decisions. In all her roles, Sarah aims to adapt the findings of academic research to practical use in the financial lives of ordinary people, and to ground innovative approaches to financial advice in well-established psychological theory.

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