Ep 101:  Why Succession Planning Is Essential – With Linda Willis

Ep 101:  Why Succession Planning Is Essential – With Linda Willis

Many advisors have yet to move beyond a vague idea of what a succession plan might look like, let alone formalizing one. While the concept of succession should be considered in every stage of your business, it becomes critical in the later stages.

In this episode, Laura Gregg and David Partain talk with Linda Willis, founder and CEO of Career Management Advisors Consulting (CMA) about the importance of succession planning and how to start the process. Linda discusses key considerations, timeframes and the price of procrastination.

Linda discusses: 

  • Why many advisors avoid actively creating their exit strategies
  • The importance of an emergency exit strategy at every stage of a practice.
  • How far in advance of your exit the planning should begin
  • Starting the process 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Linda Willis is a top-performing, outcome-driven financial services professional.  With a proven track record of leading global financial services businesses, she has held senior positions at major financial institutions and distinguished herself as an astute business leader and tenacious and accomplished recruiter of top talent. A former securities litigator with experience in corporate and employment law, Linda built a business career at global investment firms as well as launched and scaled her own independent RIA.  Linda’s experience across the landscape of the financial services industry, coupled with her proficiency as a skilled negotiator and over-all business manager, ensures superior results for clients seeking an M&A, succession or transition advisor. A graduate of Mercer University with a J.D., LAW, Linda has completed advanced educational and leadership programs at both Harvard University as well as the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.  Her thought leadership and insightful counsel provide CMA clients with a comprehensive and holistic engagement.

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