Trust Strategies that Build Client Trust — With Nikè Anani (Ep. 105)

Trust Strategies that Build Client Trust — With Nikè Anani (Ep. 105)

Amid the Great Wealth Transfer, advisors are seeing a paradigm shift in the way clients are approaching their wealth and legacy strategies. In the second of a two-part series with Nikè Anani, Director of Next Generation for Northern Trust Wealth Management, The Flexible Advisor podcast looks at some ways in which advisors can help satisfy the objectives of a new, Rising Generation.

Nikè discusses: 

  • Incorporating the values and the aspirations of both the grantor and the recipients in wealth transfer planning
  • How you can help to empower Rising Generation clients 
  • The benefits of facilitating open, cross-generational communication
  • Alternative trust structures that may better align with your clients’ evolving priorities 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Nikè Anani is the Director of Next Gen Advisory for Northern Trust Wealth Management. In her role, she prepares next-generation family members for the complexities of wealth ownership. Her personal experience as a second-generation owner and family office founder is the inspiration behind her passion for helping other next gens find their voice and become successful stewards.

An accomplished speaker and author on wealth and values transfer strategies, Nikè is the host of “The Connected Generation” podcast and the author of “Lifetime to Legacy: A New Vision for Multigenerational Family Businesses.”

Nikè earned an economics degree from University College London, is a chartered accountant, and has a certificate in Family Business and Family Wealth Advising from Family Firm Institute. She is a board member of YPO’s Global Family Business Networks, where she champions initiatives to support education and peer learning of the next generation. 

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