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Ep 90: Overcoming Adversity: GRIT As A Game Changer  — With Austin Hatch

It’s True: GRIT can be a game-changer. 

In this episode, Austin Hatch – a motivational speaker, athlete, and remarkable survivor—shares his inspiring journey and lessons that can help others respond to unexpected circumstances. Tune in for Austin’s powerful story and learn how the G.R.I.T. framework can help managers adapt to today’s challenges. 

Austin discusses: 

  • Helping others as a driving motivation 
  • How the G.R.I.T. framework can help managers in the current economic market
  • The power and importance of leading by example 
  • More insights and lessons from Austin’s experiences


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About Our Guest:

Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes that claimed the lives of his entire immediate family. He suffered severe injuries that nearly took his life. When Austin woke from a 2-month-long coma, he had to re-learn basic life skills. The road to recovery was tough, but he found a way to push forward and fulfill his dream of joining the University of Michigan basketball team. Austin is now a motivational speaker with a poignant message about G.R.I.T. and how we can all thrive in the midst of adversity.