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Ep 20: Coaching Clients in Volatile Times – With Morningstar’s Dr. Sarah Newcomb

How should you advise clients who are going into a fight, flight, or freeze response to the market volatility?

In this episode, Laura Gregg and David Partain are joined by Dr. Sarah Newcomb, director of behavioral science at Morningstar. Sarah discusses how financial advisors can have productive conversations with clients to keep them on track. She reveals different emotional reactions that come to light during a crisis and ways for advisors to support their clients.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The emotional impact a crisis has on investment decisions
  • How fears can translate into fight, flight, or freeze responses 
  • The conversations advisors should have with clients to keep them on track
  • And more!

Listen now and learn how to help your clients stay focused on their long-term goals. 

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