Month: November 2022

Ep 87: Take Your Passion To Work Today with Regina Huber

Ep 87: Take Your Passion To Work Today with Regina Huber

How can your favorite pastime — running, cooking, travel… whatever — boost your performance, increase job satisfaction, build a stronger team culture? 

In this episode, Laura Gregg and David Partain speak with Regina Huber, the CEO and founder of Transform Your Performance, about the powerful connection between our hobbies and our professional lives.  

Regina discusses: 

  • Her personal experience of integrating her passion into her career
  • How the lessons and skills derived from passionate pursuits can serve our professional pursuits 
  • What business leaders can do to invite passion into the workplace
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Regina Huber is the CEO and founder of a coaching, speaking, and training business, Transform Your Performance. Through her firm, she drives transformational leadership and coaches value-driven, open-minded leaders to implement a powerful new business consciousness paradigm, so they can effectively build trust, increase their influence, and impact and create more human-centered workplaces. Regina believes doing so will result in higher employee engagement and more fulfilling work for employees. She is also fluent in multiple languages and has worked globally during her career on 5 continents, getting her start in Germany. Regina is also a prolific writer and is a published author of multiple books and articles on courageous leadership. Her latest book, Speak Up, Stand Out and Shine, was featured in the Huffington Post.