Ep 70: Shiny Toy or Serious Solution? Enhancing Your Practice Digitally – With Adam Boyer

Ep 70: Shiny Toy or Serious Solution? Enhancing Your Practice Digitally – With Adam Boyer

Wow. That digital platform sure looks good. Sleek and sophisticated. Smart and fast.  So intuitive, it anticipates your every need – some you didn’t even know you have. 

But will it help to enhance the client experience? 

In this episode, Laura Gregg and David Partain talk with Adam Boyer, Head of Business Development at Emotomy. They discuss the challenges of choosing digital tools in a crowded marketplace,  key considerations when assessing tools and the one thing any solution should deliver but can never replace:  More time to give to your clients and the  personal attention that sets you apart from the crowd.  

Adam Boyer discusses: 

  • What to ask when upgrading your technology strategy
  • Hurdles small businesses face when integrating new technology 
  • How a thorough business evaluation will help improve long-term operations
  • Why a digital advice platform may be of interest to you and your business 
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Adam Boyer is the Head of Business Development at Emontomy, the digital investment advice platform owned by Northern Trust Investments. He is responsible for defining and executing the sales strategy to accelerate the adoption and utilization of Emotomy by financial institutions. With over two decades of financial services industry experience, Adam has held a number of leadership positions, including his most recent roles at Charles Schwab as Head of Sales for Compliance Solutions and Chief of Staff to the Head of Bank Operations and Technology. Adam also spent many years at Bank of America where he helped build out the bank’s Chicago footprint. Adam holds a Bachelor of Science and Master’s degree in Economics from Florida State University.

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