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Ep 27: Cultivating Meaningful Client-Advisor Relationships — With Adam Boyer

Advisors, have you checked in with your clients recently? 

Adam Boyer, Head of Business Development for Emotomy at Northern Trust joins Laura Gregg and David Partain to discuss the importance of advisor-client relationships and what it takes to build client trust. 

Together, they explore the role technology plays in communication and the need for maintaining communication with clients — especially during challenging times like these – and how the right mix can help you grow your business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The value of quality over quantity when communicating with clients
  • How to balance technology with personal attention
  • Ways to think outside of the box when engaging clients
  • How client-advisor relationships impact advisors’ revenue and referrals
  • And more!

Join Laura, David, and Adam now to explore the value of meaningful communication with your clients!

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