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Ep 32: Taking Behavioral Finance From Theory to Practice — With Jonathan Bernstein

How can advisors take behavioral finance from theory to practice and address not only client biases but perhaps some of their own biases as well?

Listen to this episode, as Laura Gregg and David Partain talk with Stringer Asset Management’s Jonathan Bernstein. 

Jonathan has a passion for identifying and understanding the behavioral financial issues that can influence the long-term performance of a portfolio. He shares specific processes that advisors can implement to help clients limit or avoid poor investing choices — enabling them a better chance of achieving their long-term goals. 

Listen to learn:

  • Ways to address and overcome herd mentality
  • Three things to acknowledge to keep clients on track
  • How advisors can discourage the fear of missing out (FOMO) in clients
  • Why implementing a tactical portfolio sleeve may make sense
  • And more!

Listen to learn how to put a well-designed process into place today! 

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