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Ep 19: Is the Video Call Here to Stay? Adapting as We Return to the Office – With Bev Flaxington

The pandemic has altered our work style and the way we communicate. Many have come to rely on video conferencing and other digital tools to keep in touch. But what happens as we
begin to migrate back to the office?

In this episode of The Flexible Advisor podcast, Laura Gregg and David Partain are joined by Bev Flaxington, a personal and career coach and a business development expert. Bev talks
frankly about the good, bad and the ugly of our increased reliance on digital communication channels. She addresses what we need to consider when some – but not all of us – return to
the physical office.

In this episode, you will learn:
● The effects of the extensive use of technology during quarantine
● The blending of professional and home life
● Why communication styles need to evolve post-pandemic
● And more!

Tune in now as Laura Gregg, David Partain and Bev Flaxington discuss how our modes of communication will never be the same.

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