Ep 12: Better Client Communication Through Technology – Stronger Every Day in 15 Minutes

The Flexible Advisor Podcast

Leveraging Technology To Improve Client Relationships – 15 Minute Conversation with Laura Gregg and David Partain

Navigating this health crisis and the financial volatility that goes along with it is like drinking from a fire hose.  FlexShares is working hard to deliver a variety of resources for advisors under the banner of Stronger Every Day including 15-minute bite-size podcasts to give you some quick ideas around helping clients – and your business through this uncertain time. In this episode, Laura and David talk about the importance of proactive communication.

In this episode, Laura and David will discuss

  • Staying connected with new digital technologies and some old favorites.
  • Using planning tools to keep the conversation going.
  • Leveraging digital marketing strategies to grow your brand..

Tune in now to learn practical ways to keep yourself top of mind for clients!  


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