Ep 36: Break Your Money Silence — With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Ep 36: Break Your Money Silence — With Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

Many people feel nervous or uncomfortable when talking about money. Negotiating a raise or letting clients know about an increase in fees can be even more intimidating, even for financial professionals. 

In this episode, discover how advisors and clients alike can break their money silence with money-taboo shattering tips from wealth psychology expert Kathleen Burns Kingsbury. 

With a passion for helping people find their voice around their money, Kathleen joins Laura Gregg and David Partain to share her vision for a future in which there is no money silence and everyone feels comfortable talking about their money and compensation.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why advisors need to break their own money silence
  • The importance of understanding the true value you offer clients
  • Whether and how gender plays into money silence
  • Two steps for achieving a negotiation mindset
  • How to feel confident when negotiating your salary – even in a pandemic
  • And more!

Join David, Laura, and Kathleen now to learn how you can start to break your money silence today! 

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