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Ep 10: Clients Don’t Want Another Email – Stronger Every Day in 15 Minutes

Navigating this health crisis and the financial volatility that goes along with it is like drinking from a fire hose.  FlexShares is working hard to deliver a variety of resources for advisors under the banner of Stronger Every Day including 15-minute bite-size podcasts to give you some quick ideas around helping clients – and your business through this uncertain time. In this episode, Laura and David talk about the importance of proactive communication.

In this episode, you will learn

  • Why navigating 2008 successfully doesn’t’ give you a free pass today – your clients have changed.
  • Why now is the time to deepen relationships by giving email a break
  • The importance of leading with personal wellbeing and then offering to educate and stress test plans

Tune in now to learn practical ways to keep yourself top of mind for clients!  


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