Ep 94: When Children Are Not Part of the Plan – With Pamela Lucina

Ep 94: When Children Are Not Part of the Plan – With Pamela Lucina

The new generation of investors includes a growing and influential population: childless/child-free clients. They present a distinctly unique set of priorities, objectives, concerns, and expectations. 

In this episode, Pamela Lucina, President of the Northern Trust Institute and Head of Trust and Advisory Practice, talks with Laura Gregg and David Partain about this demographic, and why advisors should recognize and rethink some long-standing biases and assumptions.

Pamela discusses: 

  • How unconscious biases can undermine client conversations, particularly with women
  • Rephrasing discovery questions for more productive conversations
  • Key considerations when estate planning for clients without children
  • And more 


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About Our Guest:

Pamela Lucina is the President of The Northern Trust Institute, Chief Fiduciary Officer and Trust & Advisory Practice Executive. She leads a national team of trust and estate professionals to help clients achieve their goals through the use of world-class tools and techniques, with an eye toward the human element of wealth and family dynamics. She is a recognized leader and speaker within the trust and estate legal community and a strong advocate for women in the industry.

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