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Ep 85: The Science Behind Growing Wallet Share — With Barnaby Riedel, PhD

What are your clients not telling you? What could you do differently to earn greater trust? 

In this episode, Laura Gregg talks with Barnaby Riedel, one of the architects of FlexShares’ behavioral study on growing wallet share. The findings provide a sensible groundwork to build more productive and mutually rewarding client relationships. 

Barnaby discusses:

  • His firm, RDCL, and its work in the financial industry
  • Why most research on growing wallet share falls short 
  • The five client personas advisors need to understand 
  • How you can tailor your approach to build trust (and wallet share) with each client type
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Barnaby Riedel, PHD

Barnaby is co-founder and lead researcher at RDCL, a social-science based research firm dedicated exclusively to the most forward-thinking financial companies. Prior to founding RDCL, Barnaby taught at the University of Chicago in the Division of the Social Sciences. His approach to research is interdisciplinary and contrarian – drawing on everything from evolutionary psychology to cultural anthropology. Since being founded in 2013, RDCL’s work has delivered dramatic results for clients and has been featured in numerous trade publications as well as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Observer.


RDCL is a social science-based research firm dedicated exclusively to the most forward-thinking financial companies.

Important information regarding a discussion in the podcast:

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