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Ep 81: Women are Smart, Savvy, and Speaking with Their Money — With Dr. Barbara Provost

Ep 81: Women are Smart, Savvy, and Speaking with Their Money — With Dr. Barbara Provost

Is this too much to ask?

Women just want advisors who recognize their concerns, appreciate their perspective, and respect their ability to make smart choices.

Join Laura Gregg and David Partain as they talk with Dr. Barbara Provost, Founder of Purse Strings, LLC and an accomplished educational consultant to the banking and insurance industries. They discuss the often overlooked opportunity that exists with women and why faulty assumptions about women continue to be made by advisors.

Barbara explains why she founded Purse Strings and its mission to connect women
with top-tier professionals.

Barbara discusses:

  • How her work with the World Bank further ignited her passion to help women get
    the wealth management experience they deserve
  • Why she created Purse Strings
  • The resources available to both investors and advisors at Purse Strings
  • And more


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About Our Guest:
Dr. Barbara Provost has 20+ years’ experience as an educational consultant to the banking and insurance industries. Over the years, she watched these male-dominated sectors consistently shape their sales messaging and resource development solely for target audiences of men, blatantly ignoring the $20 + Trillion in annual spending that women alone are responsible for. Barb took action in 2015
by launching Purse Strings, a company for and by women boasting a unique dual business model.   Purse Strings features a new business development service introducing women who seek financial advice to service providers who understand their unique needs. They simultaneously offer a breadth of free educational resources designed to help every woman, whether they have a little money or a lot,
get smart and protect their financial future. Barb’s life motto is: be financially fearless.