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Ep 103: Meet Your New Intern: Generative AI – With John Prendergast

Ep 103: Meet Your New Intern: Generative AI – With John Prendergast

How generative AI could transform your practice.

In this episode, Laura Gregg and David Partain talk with John Prendergast, co-
founder and CEO of Blueleaf. John puts the strengths (and shortcomings) of
generative AI into context for advisors – and suggests how this “lazy intern” should
be managed.

John discusses:
● What generative AI is, how it evolved, and what it’s capable of
● Some concerns and potential risks associated with generative AI in financial
● Why advisors need to learn about generative AI before using it with clients
● And more

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About Our Guest:
John Prendergast is the co-founder and CEO of Blueleaf and is an active startup
advisor. He is also an experienced entrepreneur and senior executive. As part of 6
founding teams, he has led the product management, marketing, and finance
functions. His background in banking and wealth management has shaped the
vision for Blueleaf.